How Video Content Can Improve Your Client Service

video content for clients

If you're looking for ways to improve your relationship with your clients and the overall client service your firm provides, consider the benefits of creating a client video database.

We know that people are turning more and more to videos (as opposed to written materials) to get their information. One way to capitalize on this trend is to prepare short, informative videos that the firm’s clients can use to learn information about the firm, become educated on aspects of their case or matter, or learn how to perform the actions you need them to perform to help their case.

In other words: Instead of giving them directions in real time, or providing them with a written handout, consider whether it makes sense to communicate the same information through a series of videos or through a video database.

There are LOTS of opportunities to educate clients using videos:

  • Showing the proper way to collect documents, fill out paperwork or forms, provide initial answers to discovery, provide background facts and information related to their case

  • To  provide an overview of a certain type of filing, motion, hearing, or conference

  • To walk clients through the answers to frequently asked questions

  • The list goes on

Some firms have video databases that contain over 100 videos that their clients have access to on a whole range of topics. When an issue comes up on a call or in person, the firm sends the client a short video that provides background information to explain and help the client better understand the issue.

Note that these videos generally are short–somewhere in the range of 3-5 minutes. If you have a complicated issue or complex directions, consider breaking it up into several parts. Also note that you can shoot a great video on an iPhone or a digital camera--there’s absolutely no need to go high-tech, and your videos can be low budget.

You can also use screen-sharing and recording software like Snaggit to capture and record videos on your computer or laptop. So if you want, for example, to walk your client through filling out a form or explaining an online resource to them, Snaggit is a great way to accomplish it.

Here's the Takeaway: Videos like this can be a great resource for clients and a supplement to verbal or other written information you provide them. Building a solid client video library is an excellent way to keep pace with the way the firm’s clients are processing information.