Our learning model blends videos, small-group work, and 1-to-1 instruction.



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We work with you to design a custom course based on your firm’s unique development priorities and put your associates in small cohorts.

Each week, your lawyers engage with our learning platform for 20 minutes and meet with a small cohort for a 20-minute video conference.

We provide your team with weekly updates and ground-level insight into the challenges your associates are facing.


Personalized training that changes behavior through bite-sized learning.


Foundational, personalized training for lawyers

We work with professional development teams to create training programs that align with the firm’s development objectives and core-competencies.

Building habits, changing behavior

The transfer of information in one-off trainings doesn’t keep lawyers accountable for practicing what they’ve learned. Our courses emphasize building long-term habits and routines that stick.

Incremental progress through bite-size learning

Long-form trainings alone can be overwhelming – the high volume of information makes the content hard to implement. We focus on incremental progress and the reinforcement of concepts over time.


Fresh, frictionless learning experience

Junior lawyers learn differently. Our modern approach attracts distracted, busy learners, and makes learning manageable and fun in a busy law firm setting.

Learning on the go

Courses that don’t encompass mobile and video learning fail to meet lawyers where they’re spending most of their time —on their computer or phone. Our courses are mobile friendly and accessible on the go.

Modern, frictionless, mobile-friendly and entirely on-the-go.


Creates empowered development teams and happy, confident lawyers.


Empowered development teams

Tracking the development of your associates is challenging. Our platform provides unique, ground-level insights into development trends and equips you with the information you need to perfect your in-house training programs.

Happy Confident Lawyers

Junior lawyers crave professional development training that empowers them to practice with confidence and take control of their career. Our courses help them set and achieve performance goals, stay professionally fulfilled, and add value to the firm and its clients.



Junior Lawyers Foundation Course

Our Foundations course is a comprehensive overview of the key skills and strategies associates need to succeed at your firm, including practice and time management, client service, working with partners and staff, effective communication, creating excellent work product, and building a professional network.


Timekeeping for Lawyers

Timekeeping is one of the most dreaded tasks for lawyers. This course teaches lawyers how to form effective timekeeping habits and routines that stick.


Practice Management Course

Practice management is one of the most challenging aspects of firm life. This course covers the fundamentals of time management, organization, decision-making, delegation, and utilization of firm resources, leading to a more efficient and effective work day.

Learn how DueCourse can help you empower your lawyers.