Testimonial 9

"Through the DueCourse training program, my associate and I learned how to work together, communicate and plan for her to become the best and most effective associate she can be. We are both happier with her job and my ROI on the program was 5x within a matter of months."

-Nate R.

Testimonial 8

“DueCourse has revolutionized my practice.  Before we started working together I felt constantly behind the ball, always in a reactive state. I now rely on a number of their tips on a daily basis and I do not know how I ever muddled through without them.”

-Kristen M, Associate

Testimonial 6

“DueCourse converted our brand-new associate into an indispensable team member, and freed up my and our senior associates’ time so we could focus on our case work instead of training new team members on the fundamentals. You need to give DueCourse a try!”

-Navruz A., Law Firm Partner

Testimonial 5

“Our associate significantly increased his productivity and efficiency with his time and the quality of his work product improved. The program taught him how to be more self-sufficient which translated into more autonomy and confidence, and allowed me to focus on more of my own work.”

-Jo-Anna N., Law Firm Owner

Testimonial 4

“I never write testimonials. I am seldom so impressed by a product or service as to feel compelled to advertise for it. However, the DueCourse program so profoundly changed my performance and attitude at my office and so significantly improved the quality of my home life that I can’t help but share my recommendation.”

-Ryan S., Associate

Testimonial 3

“This course shattered my expectations. It provided engaging material on a diverse range of topics, including practice management, office communication, client management and personal development. I heartily recommend the course and believe that it has truly made me a more valuable associate.”

-Adam M., Associate

Testimonial 1

“Working with DueCourse has been absolutely pivotal to improving my practice and helping me become a successful first year big-law associate. My attitude and motivation has improved ten-fold thanks to this course, taking me from dreading most days in the office to actively looking for as many ways to contribute to the firm as I can.”

-Rebecca E., Associate