A tech platform that allows coaching at scale with experts that understand law.

Eliminate endless emails.
Eliminate managing individual coaching relationships.
Eliminate managing individual requests.
Eliminate managing complicated calendars and zoom links.
Increase efficiency to finally offer coaching at scale.


Whether as a cohort, or individualized 1:1 coaching, search coaches, request engagements, and get matched to coaches across diverse set of legal experiences and topics all managed in a single platform.t

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Bring Your Own Coach (BYOC)

Already have internal Coaches? Onboard them into our digital platform and scale those coaches across all of your users and content.

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Our real time live event calendar allows users to access streaming real time content from curated coaches anytime and anywhere.  And with our Pro Administrator account for law firms; create your own internal webinars and events with partners and firm leadership,  accessible by all staff in a single place.

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Make Performance Evaluations Actionable.

Most performance evaluations simply sit in a drawer. Upload Performance Evaluations and get automatically matched to expert coaching and content,  personalized to each evaluation, with a single click!

Coming Soon.